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Little City Studios! 

I am building cool indie games in Unreal Engine 5

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My next game release will probably be a tank arena shooter with split screen versus mode. You can check out a devlog here! 

While working on modular game mechanics I decided to break down the design of Pacman and build interchangeable components in Unreal Engine 5.

2D is the promised land for solo indies. I like the simplicity of sprite art so I wanted to see what it was like to make a game in Unreal Engine -- but in 2D. While not the most innovative game - this asteroids clone is fully playable with 10 levels and a score board. 

Spanning a range of influences and creating fun gaming experiences

As we build towards bigger projects, the goal here is to create a number of smaller games! We have a couple prototypes in the mix at the moment that might turn into a release in the coming months. 

Untitled Low-Poly Space Game

I like to think this is my main project. I've been working on various versions of a space adventure game that lives in my head. 

Space Rocks

A take on asteroids - mostly to prove you could make a 2D game in Unreal Engine 5. Play it here.

Untitled Tank Game 

I am working on a retro 3D tank arena combat game that features AI bots and local split screen Versus mode 

Camping Simulator

I can do photo realistic stuff too. :) 

Piggy Chase

Rescue Cute animals while escaping dangerous tractors! Demoed an early version of this game at Magfest. Currently reworking it in UE5 with new controls and game mechanics.